SnakeyeS is a new heavy metal band, originally started by José Pineda (bass player for Spanish band SPHINX) as a solo project. It later evolved into a proper band when he met Cosmin Aioniţă online. As the powerful voice of Romanian band 9.7 RICHTER, Aioniţă loved Pineda’s early demos and, sharing the same musical influences, they both decided to consolidate their partnership as a band. Thus, SnakeyeS was born.

SnakeyeS just finished the recording process of “Welcome To The Snake Pit”, their debut promotional EP. It includes three songs written by José Pineda and Cosmin Aionita and produced, mixed and mastered by José Pineda. The recording line-up for “Welcome To The Snake Pit” was completed by guitar player Justi Bala (who handled all guitar solos on the EP) and Carlos Delgado (drums).

After the raving reviews of the band’s debut EP “Welcome To The Pit,” SnakeyeS returns with a brand new full-length album: “Ultimate Sin” that is focusing on delivering true traditional Heavy Metal, with an up-to-date sound and production.

SnakeyeS also shot a promotional video for ”Ultimate Sin” (the first single off the new album, as well as its title track) with Academy Awards nominee and Goya Awards winner Ricardo Perez in the director’s seat. Click here to watch the video.

The “Ultimate Sin” album, released on March 19 2015, was recorded in the band’s own studio, with bass player and main song writer Jose Pineda handling both production and mixing duties.