SnakeyeS is a young Heavy Metal band with Spanish and Romanian origins. Their first full-length album – “Ultimate Sin” – has managed to reach every corner of the world, thanks to its classic metal style, delivered with the sound and production worthy of any modern record.

“I’ve listened to “Ultimate Sin” repeatedly for two weeks and I challenge all metalheads to turn it on, turn it up to “10”, and just listen. SNAKEYES is proof that Metal can still be universally Heavy.”

Suena, a puro Heavy Metal, con esas influencias que marcaron a millones de personas de bandas absolutamente metálicas como Judas Priest, Saxon, Accept.” –  9/10 USA
There are few bands today who use the “classic” metal approach and style. There are shades of it in many bands’ music but few are a straight-up classic metal band. SnakeyeS are one of those bands.Their debut EP, Welcome to the Snake Pit, is sure to get  on the good side of any metal purist and, regardless of how new or unknown SnakeyeS are, they’re sure to garner a following after the masses hear this record.” –  9/10 GREECE
“The sound of Snakeyes is pure classic heavy metal with powerful vocal lines, a big and fat guitar sound, a solid rhythm section and a strong production..” – 7/10 GERMANY
“Flawless Heavy Metal”, in the style of JUDAS PRIEST, HALFORD ( solo project of Metal God ), also PRIMAL FEAR and FEAR BEYOND ( the Ex -Band of Ex -Priest Tim ” Ripper” Owens) have left their mark on the sound.. Snakeyes go full speed ahead and offer classic material with nice style vocals of Cosmin, with Haldford influences, and some sharp guitar solos of Justi” – 3,5/5 ITALY
“Time of Dismay, is a beatiful piece of pure heavy metal, where Bala plays excellent, agressive riffs and good solos. Aionita is also spot on, his tone reminding us of the aforementioned singer of Judas Priest. Another highlight of this opening track is the excellent, catchy chorus. The second track – Snake Pit – continues this trend, while, in Shadow Warriors, the Spanish-Romanian combo pushes the gas pedal even further, providing a track that wouldn’t be out of place (modern production aside) on the legendary Painkiller album” – 7,5/10 ITALY
“Their heavy / power has nothing of the Mediterranean, on the contrary is equally divided between German influences (in a tight “Time of Dismay” there I hear a lot of Primal Fear) and American (the tail piece “Shadow Warriors” got me thinking about the best Iced Earth, in the middle, the acceptiana “Snake Pit”). A full-bodied and clean production, songwriting with a taste for the chorus and a great guitar technique boombastic complete the picture.” – 80/100 GREECE
“This is what every metalhead who respects himself wants to hear. the best impression and will make expect that and how integrated their job “ – 80/100 SWEEDEN
“Snake eyes watching you. Take one look and die”. ..I couldn’t resist. This is a band who play good old heavy metal just the way we all like it and know it.”

“Musically the album like it in the first place fans of JUDAS PRIEST, PRIMAL FEAR and IRON SAVIOR. But fans of the genre, and other disk I think so, too pretty cheer. For him breathes freshness and inspiration.”

“Snakeyes provide mostly hard-hitting riffs Painkiller – Sil, which were packed with melodic, instantly catchy choruses in a modern production and not only sounded technically dispel the fallacy that may not sound timeless a contemporary sound. For this album it is, and indeed every goddamn note.”

“Das Ergebnis kann sich hören lassen, denn bereits der Opener „Demon in Your Mind“ lässt mich verdattert fragen: Wer waren nochmal PRIMAL FEAR? Und warum sollten JUDAS PRIEST noch neue Alben aufnehmen?”

“The tracks follow each other and the same happens with riffs that are truly from another era. Robust, but sharp and the gods of Heavy can not help but to be left in a perpetual headbanging.

“they have supplied the world with the metal that is a nostalgic trip to the 80s reminding us of the bands like Judas Priest. The songwriting is absolutely brilliant with every track focusing on mind-melting speed, separate sections of different feels, and even a little bit of melody.”

” WHOA!  What kick to the face!  It’s not often I get to hear bands like SnakeyeS that is so fresh and still hold true to the classic metal style.  I am reminded strongly of ‘Painkiller’ era Judas Priest.  Very fast driving songs and aggressive.  Also the vocalist is definitely inspired by Rob Halford and sounds a lot like him”

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 SnakeyeS was started by musicians of the highest level: José Pineda (bass), Justi Bala (guitar), Carlos Delgado (drums), all of them with more than 20 years of touring and studio experience with their former band SPHINX, as well as Romanian powerhouse singer Cosmin Aionita (9.7 RICHTER). A truly devastating lineup capable of raising hell both in the studio, as well as on the stage.

Ever since its creation in 2013, SnakeyeS has been firing on all cylinders, releasing two records – “Welcome to The Snake Pit” (EP, 2013) and “Ultimate Sin” (LP, 2015) – and completing the first leg of their “Welcome To The Spain Pit” tour.

November 2013 marked the release of “Welcome To the Snake Pit”, the band’s debut EP, very well received by both local Spanish press, like most popular site, as well as international outlets. “Shadow Warriors”, the band first promotional video, was featured on, reaching thousands of views just weeks after its release.

In January 2014, following the warm reception of its first EP, SnakeyeS decides to release a physical edition of “Welcome to The Snake Pit”, including a special bonus track, a tribute to one of the band’s main influences: a medley of three Judas Priest songs. During the following months the band started to promote this first release, with many interviews and appearances on radio shows, including major metal stations in the United States, as well as in large-circulation magazines such as Metal Hammer or La Heavy.

In May 2014, SnakeyeS starts the writing process of what will become the band’s first full-length album.

October 2014 finds SnakeyeS reunited in Madrid for an official photo session, as well as the recording of the first video from the upcoming “Ultimate Sin” album, with Academy Awards nominee and Goya Awards winner Ricardo Perez in the director’s seat. The new album was being recorded in the band’s own studio, with bass player and main song writer Jose Pineda handling both production and mixing duties.

The beginning of 2015 marked the unveiling of the cover artwork of  “Ultimate Sin”, designed by artist Felipe Machado (Blind Guardian, Iced Earth, Iron Savior, Rage). The new ”Ultimate Sin” album also got a release date: March 19th, 2015, for both digital platforms, as well physical CD Digipack copies.

On February 16th, 2015 SnakeyeS released the “Ultimate Sin” video, doubling the number of views of their previous promotional video. During this time, the band also announced their first tour – “Welcome To The Spain Pit”, dated for Spring and Summer 2015.

The tour started on March 19th, 2015, with the release party for “Ultimate Sin”, in Madrid’s legendary We Rock Club. The tour continued with dates all over Spain, in cities like Seville, Cadiz, Malaga, Murcia or Toledo, as well as the prestigious Acordes de Rock festival. During this tour, SnakeyeS played with well-established acts such as Dark Moor, Angelus Apatrida or Death Angel.


19/03/15 Madrid, We Rock

15/05/15 Sevilla, Sevilla – Hollander

16/05/15 Cádiz, Cádiz – El Pelicano

22/05/15 Murcia, Murcia – Fuzz factory

23/05/15 Málaga, Málaga – Onda Pasadena

29/05/15 Toledo, Toledo – Los Clásicos

05/06/15 Madrid, Madrid – We Rock

11/07/15 La Roda – Acordes del Rock

To mark the 2016 leg of the “Welcome To The Spain Pit” Tour, starting February 2016, SnakeyeS released the brand new single and video “Mask of Reality”, just in time for Christmas 2015.

The video for “Mask of Reality” and the single’s cover, designed by Fernando Nanderas, were very well received by fans and media, with thousands of views during the first days after release and favourable reviews from press all over the world.

Also, at the beginning of 2016, the band’s hard work was recognised with SnakeyeS get nominated in all Spanish media “Best of 2015″ lists.

REFEREGUN 2015 by was voted for by thousands of online fans: (with complete list available here)


Ultimate Sin” came in 4th, with 17% of the votes


Cosmin Aionita came in 5th, with 10% of the votes


Jose Pineda won, with 18% of the votes


SnakeyeS came in 3rd, with 18% of the votes


Carlos Delgado came in 5th, with 10% of the votes

Also, the “Ultimate Sin” album was chosen as one of the best albums of 2015 by various editors of metal outlets:

HEADBANGERS LATINOAMÉRICA – “Ultimate Sin” came in 12th in the BEST ALBUM of the year from a total of 110 nominated bands. Voted for by more than 100,000 fans.







In 2016, SnakeyeS will continue touring in support of “Ultimate Sin” and “Mask of Reality”, while also writing fresh material for a new album

During February 2016, the band played a memorable, sold out concert in Malaga’s Sala Onda Pasadena, one of the best gigs on this tour. The next day, SnakeyeS played the 4 The Metal Festival in Granada (video available here). Video available here.

During the rest of 2016, the band continued the tour by playing all major festivals in Spain: Camorock, Skulls of Metal, Leyendas del Rock and Atalaya Rock.

In late 2016, while involved in the recording sessions for the new album, SnakeyeS decided to release a gift, just in time for Christmas: a personalized version of “Metal Heart“, a tribute to Accept, one of the best German classic metal bands.

SnakeyeS has just started promoting the band’s next studio album, scheduled for late November 2017, with the first promotional trailers available here.