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SnakeyeS - Evil Must DIE
Evil Must Die
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Ultimate Sin

Artista: SnakeyeS
Etiqueta: Area 51 Metal Prods
Fecha De Lanzamiento: 19-3-2015
Género: Heavy Metal

Sobre El Álbum

This is the band debut album. Ultimate Sin is a album of a 11 pure Heavy Metal songs. The band continue the work starded on his debut EP making Heavy Metal as they know.
Produced, mixed and mastered by: Jose Pineda ar Area 51 studios.
Cover artwork by: Felipe Machado.
You can hear complete and free at Spotify. (Only countries with acces to this plataform) Also you can find on these stores:

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Lista de canciones

1. Demon in your mind 4:26
2. Denied 4:40
3. Shadow Warriors 4:16
4. Black and White 4:04
5. Blood of the Dammed 5:34
6. Rise of the Triad 6:56
7. Time of Dismay 4:38
8. Ultimate Sin 3:42
9. Down with the Devil 4:26
10. Snake Pit 5:48
11. The Cross is a Lie 6:16