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Evil Must Die
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New video “Playing with Armageddon”

🎄Merry Chrismas🎁

After such a difficult year, we wanted to give you something very special on these special dates, and in some way, be with you during the 3 minutes that this new song lasts. With all our hopes focused on 2021, whatever happens we will still be there, as the song says “We’re playing metal right till the end”. A hug from the whole band! 🤘

Playing with Armageddon” is our very special gift for this Christmas and as part of  our next release with the same name.

Playing with Armageddon” (also the title of this new record) has been written and recorded for the band’s next full-length album, so the fans can consider it as a very early first single off this future record. As a breath of fresh air, for the first time in its history, SnakeyeS worked with someone outside the band on this new song: the renowned Danish producer Jacob Hansen, known for his work with artists such as Volbeat, Primal Fear or U.D.O, is responsible of mastering “Playing with Armageddon” at his very own Hansen Studios.

Following the release of “Evil Must Die” in March, SnakeyeS continues with plans for its next record: “Playing with Armageddon”. An entire new disc filled with bonus material, which also includes a new song which will premiere next week with a brand-new promo video next week.

“Playing with Armageddon” will be released as a very limited Digipack edition, as an expansion of the “Evil Must Die” album, and will feature the following track list:

  • Playing with Armageddon (new song)
  • Mask of Reality (live in Seville 2018)
  • Evolution (live in Seville 2018)
  • Ultimate Sin (live in Seville 2018)
  • Down with the Devil (live in Seville 2018)
  • War Machine (live in isolation)
  • The Evil Dead (live in isolation)
  • New World Order (live in isolation)
  • Denied (live acoustic)
  • Lose Control (live acoustic)
  • Metal Monster (Epic Version)

As first single of this release you can watch “Evolution”, a preview of the band’s live performance in Seville, during our Metal MonsTour 2018 and is available here:

The complete concert will be streamed Saturday, January 2nd, 2021, at 8 pm CET via the band’s YouTube channel.

Preorders for the “Playing with Armageddon” limited-edition pack, as well all our CDs, t-shirts and other merchandise are available on our website:

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