Welcome to the Snake Pit
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SnakeyeS — Welcome to the Snake Pit
Release date : Nov. 25, 2013
Label : Autoproduced
  1. Time of Dismay
  2. Snake Pit
  3. Shadow Warriors

E.P. Teaser

This is the band’s debut release. Welcome To The Snake Pit is a 3-song EP, a preview for SnakeyeS’ future full-lenght album. It’s all about classic heavy metal music, backed by a quality, modern production. The three songs on Welcome To The Pit are the very first Jose Pineda and Cosmin Aionita worked on together, based on original music written by Jose and vocal melodies and lyrics written by Cosmin. The line-up is completed by Justi Bala, who handled the guitar solos, and Carlos Delgado, with his solid and powerful drumming. All songs written by: Jose Pineda and Cosmin Aionita. Produced, mixed and mastered by: Jose Pineda. Special guest: Santi Suarez, guitar solos on all three songs. Cover artwork by: Fernando Nanderas. You can hear complete and free at Spotify. (Only countries with acces to this plataform) Also you can find on these stores:

and all this others digital distribution platforms : Juke, Muve Music, VerveLife, MySpace Music, Rhapsody, MediaNet, Xbox Music, Rdio, iHeartRadio, Sony Music Unlimited, Wimp, Gracenote, Shazam, simfy, 7Digital, Nokia, eMusic. Also we are proud to annuce promotional video clip for the song Shadow Warriors.