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SnakeyeS - Evil Must DIE
Evil Must Die
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By completing the following form, you order the new CD created exclusively for the re-release of “Evil Must Die”. It’s full of new, bonus content: a brand new song, a few SnakeyeS classics recorded live during the “Metal Monster” tour, live versions recorded in confinement, acoustic takes and an epic, orchestral version of “Metal Monster“.
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CD Digipack “Playing with Armageddon”

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T-Shirt “Evil Must Die”

CD “Evil Must Die”

Additionally, you can download the entire “Evil Must Die” album for free. You will find a download link further down, but first let us tell you a bit about this new record.

What’s the deal with this new CD?

“Playing with Armageddon” is all about what we miss most: the live shows, where the whole presentation and production are totally different to a studio album, giving the songs new life. An exciting, new way to enjoy the band.
Also, “Playing with Armageddon” includes a brand-new song we wrote for SnakeyeS’ next album, thus providing a sample of how the record will sound like.


Playing with Armageddon” Tracklist:

  1. Playing with Armageddon (Nueva canción)
  2. Mask of Reality (live in Seville 2018)
  3. Evolution (live in Seville 2018)
  4. Ultimate Sin (live in Seville 2018)
  5. Down with the Devil (live in Seville 2018)
  6. War Machine (live in isolation)
  7. The Evil Dead (live in isolation)
  8. New World Order (live in isolation)
  9. Denied (live acoustic)
  10. Lose Control (live acoustic)
  11. Metal Monster (Epic Version)

As you can see, the new CD includes a new song, four songs recorded live in Seville during the “Metal Monster” tour, three live songs recorded during COVID-19 isolation, two acoustic takes recorded during the streaming concert on March 28th, 2020, and an orchestral version of “Metal Monster”.
Cover Artwork: Leo Traverso
Mix and Mastering: José Pineda


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We will be adding videos to accompany the entire launch of this new CD. The band’s live performance in Seville, during our Metal MonsTour 2018, will be live streamed in its entirety on Saturday, January 2nd, 2021, at 8 pm CET, via the band’s YouTube channel.

As first single of this release you can watch “Evolution”, a preview of the band’s live performance in Seville, during our Metal MonsTour 2018. Also, videos for for two songs recorded live during the COVID-19 isolation period – War Machine and The Evil Dead – are available below.

Evolution (Live in Sevilla 2018 @ Sala Even)
War Machine (Live in Isolation)
The Evil Dead (Live in Isolation)